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Professionals Choice
Professionals Choice - In 1976 Professional’s Choice founder and president, Dal Scott, broke his leg in a horseback riding accident. To assist in a more comfortable and speedy recovery, he developed a neoprene orthopedic product. This was the start of Dricast Orthopedics, Inc.
Because of Scott’s passion for horses, it didn’t take long to redirect the company focus to the equine industry. In 1986 he began manufacturing therapeutic equine products, and Scott renamed the company Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. The Professional’s Choice research and development team then went to work on what is now known around the world as the Original Sports Medicine Boot. Scientific and clinical studies created the best protective and shock absorbing leg care boots available; the Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Boot made its debut in 1990.
In 2004 Professional’s Choice introduced a major breakthrough in saddle pad technology with benefits for both horse and rider. The new generation SMx Air-Ride™ Saddle Pad utilizes a new, patented material known as Brock™ that allows air to circulate, resulting in heat dispersion and moisture evaporation. This saddle pad is lightweight, distributes weight evenly and is compression resistant, making it an incredibly long lasting pad.
Professionals Choice Professional’s Choice continues to be a market leader renowned for revolutionizing the equine industry through diligent scientific research and producing the highest quality products strictly for the horse’s safety and well-being. This leadership position has earned Professional’s Choice the respect of top trainers, professionals and everyday horsemen all over the world.
“The more comfortable the horse the better the performance”, if your horse is not wearing the correct equipment you cannot expect it to perform at its best. All our products are designed with the horse’s safety and comfort in mind. 

EA Mattes - Unsurpassed quality, function, durability, and appearance elevate Mattes beyond the competition. All Mattes products are made from 100% natural sheepskin. The properties of our sheepskin include heat dissemination, and breath-ability, as well as the ability to eliminate friction and bounce. These properties can’t be imitated by wool pile, artificial fiber products, or foam. The design of the Mattes sheepskin products allow the pads to follow the contours of the horses back with no edges, ridges, or seam that can cause soreness. Most important, the patented Spine Free design, and the anatomically correct topline provide unbeatable protection for the horse. The spine is not in contact with any seams, fabric, or tension, which eliminates the risk of rubs and pressure on this very sensitive area. There are NO seams in the hides; any part of the Mattes pad in contact with the horse’s back is one piece, therefore no rough edges, particularly after washing. The technical design features, the Mattes Correction System, and the Mattes Couture and new MER-System truly make Mattes unparalleled in the market.

Griffen NuuMed
Griffin NuuMed - saddlepads, numnahs and accessories are used and loved around the world by the riders who choose them, the horses who wear them and the saddle fitters and suppliers who recommend them - with something to suit virtually every discipline and a whole spectrum of saddle brands and types. And every single one is designed and made at NuuMed HQ in Somerset, England. 

Zilco - a world leader in the design and production of synthetic harness and saddlery, and exports to all major equestrian markets world-wide. Feel free to explore our site via the menu on the left to learn more about us and our products. Discover the Zilco Advantage and learn why we say that if it's branded "Zilco", it's branded "Quality".



Platinum is designed to allow the rider to individualise their leather wear combination with associated products.



Carousel Equestrian was founded in 2012 with the intention of providing New Zealand riders, both competitive and recreational, with access to high quality, stylish lambskin equestrian products at prices that won't break the bank.